Loft Conversions in London

If you are a Londoner and you are frantically looking for a bigger place to live then you would also know how difficult it can prove to have a spacious home in London. Big houses come with an exorbitant price tag that may not be feasible for many. So the best solution for a Londoner is to have a loft conversion. This is somewhat the best and most affordable solutions you can have if you not really willing to shift home or spend a fortune on buying a big house. Today’s architectural advancement has led to various ways in which you can utilize space more appropriately and conveniently. Conversions of loft have proved to be a great way of utilizing unutilized space and making more space for your home.

So, if you are living in London get in touch with the best in the business to have your loft revamped and redesigned in such a way that you never thought of. Converting a loft into useful space can be quite a work of creativity. So if you have a little interest in architecture then it would be a good experience for you as well. The loft conversions can vary greatly from one house to another. However categorically they can fall into four different types. Among these four types of loft conversions your house design, budget and plan will speak about which type would be the best possible solution for your home. These four types include:

  • Velux loft conversion – This type of conversion of loft is the least invasive one. The brand Velux has been producing skylights since six decades. With the Velux conversion the maximum amount of work is done inside the space of the roof fitted with the skylight that remains flushed to the roof.So it does not require any change in the external structure. Since it does not include any structural change from outside you need to make sure that there is enough headroom in the loft and ample light.
  • Dormers loft conversion – This type of loft conversion gives you more space and height. The Dormer extensions are the partitions that come out in right angles part way down the roof and are normally done at the back of the house.This conversion gives the new room a horizontal ceiling which you do not get in a skylight room. If you have a roof that is very narrow and does not have much space then this types is your best option.
  • Mansard roof conversion – This type of conversion creates a lot of space in which one side of the room is pulled out a little. In this loft conversion, instead of creating vertical walls and horizontal ceilings, the length of the room is pulled out of the house giving it a lot of space.
  • Roof Changing – Lastly, you can change the whole roof to transform it into a room. You can change a hip roof to a gable roof. This type of loft conversion requires major changes in the structure of the house.
    Loft conversions do require proper planning and budgeting. So before you venture into one speak to an expert.

Should you require any information or a free loft conversion quotation contact our London Office and we will be more than happy to provide one at a time which will accommodate you.