Refurbishing your home or an office property is a step in the right direction especially when compared to outright demolition and rebuilding. However, as simple as this may sound, the right professionals ought to be engaged to perform the job. This is what SRAYMAX Ltd builders are here to achieve. A company whose head office is located in the heart of London boasts of a team of builders who have acquired experience over the years as far as building and construction is concerned.

Making use of state of the art technology, we conform to the best industry standards in getting the job done, putting smiles on the face of our clients all the way. Now you may ask, “Why refurbish?” There are several benefits of refurbishing your old property.

  • Refurbishment Is A Cheaper Alternative
    When compared to outright demolishing and rebuilding, refurbishing is a cheaper alternative as the cost of demolishing and structural design is on a daily increase. The Architects would have to perform their job then the laying of the foundation, concrete work and then installation of fittings and paint job all cost money. But with refurbishing, the cost is reduced significantly especially when the right professionals are hired.
  • Increased Value
    By performing the right improvements to your home, it increases in value significantly, if you decide to sell in the long run, you can sell making significant profit on your investment. However, the added value depends on the type of upgrades that were performed on the home and how they compete with other homes in the open market. It is recommended that if you want to refurbish for resale, consult us and we will perform an in-depth analysis and advise you on the areas to concentrate your attention.
  • Lesser Project Completion Time.
    By refurbishing, the duration of the project completion time is significantly reduced. Demolitions could be speedy but rebuilding takes time and lots of effort. This makes refurbishment a preferred alternative if time is a factor. SRAYMAX Ltd builders has lots of experience in refurbishment and knows what it takes to get the job done in the shortest possible time.
  • Improved Functionality
    For those who desire refurbishing so they can reside in their home, depending on the upgrades performed, the functionality of the amenities would be improved. You could include a hot tub, a private study and wireless internet connection. All these would lead to an improved living experience making the once old home look like a brand new one. Based on the benefits outlined above, it would be seen that refurbishment is an appealing option when it comes to home upgrades, however, if performed wrongly would lead to long term regrets. It is highly recommended that you walk in close consultations with us in every aspect of your renovations as this would optimise the gains there is to be derived from the entire process.

You can rely on us as we boast of very experienced personnel in the industry who adhere strictly to best industry practise. Most of all, our ultimate goal is the overall satisfaction of our clients.

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